Quality Policy
Pars Hefaz Electric Industrial Company (PARS FANAL) as the first manufacturer of Contactors,Thermal Overload Relays ,MCB and MCCB in Iran, the management of the company based on quality management system standard ISO 9001: 2010 and uphold the conviction to execution  and declares its maintenance.
:Company establishment and maintenance of quality management ISO 9001:2010 to achieve the objectives ,the following is his priority goals and its activities.
1.Our goal is to ensure the quality of products in various aspects of quality, delivery, after sales services of providing internal and external customer requirements by delivering products in accordance with IEC and VDE the top of our activities is  provide appropriate technical specifications and timely delivery are the product of these obligations.
2.Quality is in our view an inclusive and all activities and resources affect the quality of a company, in this regard, continuous  constant with customers in different ways in writing, verbally, by telephone, to receive comments on the performance of enterprises of all sizes the most important of the tasks of  related company.
3. Another of our goals parts products manufacturing company in order to develop the company's activities and self sufficiency is possible.
4. We believe that each employee to respond to customer needs and continuous improvement of product quality partners, the most valuable capital of company are its employees values and  human dignity and worth and excellence of these forces, including our goals, to this end, according to  organized and purposeful training of all employees towards the concept of quality and quality management system activities, enhancing skills and increasing their motivation and develop a culture of quality in this way is possible.
5. improvement of processes and systems through the use of hot rolled strategies using new knowledge and use of new strategies and applying new knowledge and use of standards to improve the effectiveness of the organization's quality management system.
I am responsible for the good performance of the system (CEO) commitment.And all staff are required to comply with the above requirements of the provisions of this policy, I emphasize the terms of this Policy, the proper function of the system for monitoring at time  designated by management representative is required through regular reports on the continuous effectiveness of the system , to take necessary actions for continuous improvement and quality management system or prevent any deviations occur in system performance.
Masoud Haji Hassan Khvnsary

Working under licence of Fanal Germany

    Working under licence of Fanal, we assure the quality of our productsto our customers and in this manner we guarantee the products for 2years.

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    Moreover, upon request we shall replace the defective parts at low costs.

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